Super Sports 

Super Sports

Sports Management

At Super Sports, we are focused on providing Sports Management and Marketing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. 

Talent Identification & Development 

With our Super Sports Testing Systems, we are India’s leading sports testing company which aims to help the sports & fitness ecosystem evolve and become more robust.

Using state of the art technology, we help our clients in identification and development of Raw talent from grass root level and amateur athletes.

Player & Athlete Management

Super Sports helps Indian sports stars to achieve their career goals. We represent multiple sports icons and some of upcoming athletes. We manage their careers, grow the value of their personal brand and help them to establish long-term financial security so that they can focus on taking their game to the next level and winning championships.

Sports Consulting - Strategy, Planning, Development of IPs and Projects

The sports industry is growing faster in Asia than in any other part of the world. And India is at the centre stage. This evolution includes increased government support and Private investments in sport, and a rising affluence and ambition among sports governing bodies in the region. It has also changed how companies and brands in India view sport as a platform to engage consumers and communicate with their audiences.  Sport is now a viable career for Indian athletes. Using our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the business of sport, Super Sports offers strategic advice and solutions to maximize the opportunities that are available through sport and its assets to deliver value to its partners.

Sports Sponsorship, & Rights Delivery 

Sport is a proven channel for multinational companies and brands to connect with the growing Indian market by appealing to its consumers’ passions to build an emotional bond. We offer brands and companies a cost-effective, integrated marketing platform with a myriad of opportunities to engage and win over consumers and corporates alike, while delivering a return on investment that is higher than traditional advertising methods. Through sports and sporting events, our endeavour is to provide companies a platform of rich and varied opportunities to increase brand engagement, build strong brand awareness, influence product preference and purchasing decisions, and ultimately impact sales.

  • We ensure the implementation and delivery of sponsorship and corporate hospitality rights and benefits to gain maximum exposure for our partners and their brands.
  • We help companies and brands achieve their business goals through the organic integration of their brands into Indian sport.
  • We deliver value by maximizing our partners’ return on investment and return on objectives.

 Those seeking to grow or maintain their market share in India’s growing economy will find that association with sports delivers real and sustained value.

Sports Event Management

In addition to sponsorship and association with Sports Events, we provide exclusive entertainment experience for customers and partners.  Brands can capitalize on this compelling money-can’t-buy experience to build client relationships, strengthen local presence and demonstrate relevance in key markets. We have the first-hand knowledge of local business and sporting cultures, language and customs ensuring that we create and deliver dynamic sporting events that fit local interest and expectations.