Super Sports 

Super Sports

Performance Testing Systems

Performance Testing System was developed to measure an individual’s athletic ability for a variety of Olympic & Professional Sports. PTS is quick, practical & flexible, and can provide an accurate assessment of each participant’s overall athletic ability/fitness.

PTS’s unique purpose designed Data Delivery System enables users to view and compare their results and improvement overtime

Users are able to compare their results against a range of related data points and field across all of PTS’s data system

International experts join hands with Super Sports

The government is spending in excess of INR 6500 Crores for sports to thrive in India. That includes Union budgetary spent of 1592 Crores in 2016-17, State governments compiled budget allocation for sports in tune of more than 4500 Crores, Sports Authority of India budget for 2016-17 worth 381 Crores and Financial assistance to Sporting Institutions for Training and Development amounting to more than 150 Crores.

With David Rivers (Ex-NBA champion) joining hands with Super Sports, this will open a lot of opportunities for stake holders in India. Government could monitor the results yielded from their splurge on athletes’ development and training. Super Sports is committed to bring more experts on their panel to facilitate performance testing in India

Super Sports tied up with International Olympians and launched a specialised Sports Athletes Testing service in India. On this occasion, Raman Raheja – CEO, Super Sports said “Sports is more than a Billion Dollar Industry in India, with increasing attention towards various Olympic Sports over the last 2-3 years but we are still far from being considered a Sports Powerhouse. In the Western World, Sports culture is much more evolved with professional monitoring systems in place. Over the last few years, India seems to be following the Western World in sports training and development processes. But unlike the West, what has been missing here is a high end yet simple Performance Testing System for the stakeholders. With experts like David Rivers, we will be able to provide long term, tangible solutions for the ever growing problem.”

The Test

PTS provides sporting bodies, clubs, teams and schools with an immediate guide on athletic abilities of their player s or students. This provides coaches with a platform to build on crucial aspects of game/sport specifics, techniques and skill acquisition.

All of the testing disciplines can be purpose designed to better replicate specific skills required in your sport. These tests are designed to measure an athletes Speed, Power and Agility.

Speed: The 20m sprint is the test of an athlete’s speed an acceleration from a stationary start to flat out over a short distance of 20m
Power: The test is designed to test an athlete’s vertical leaping ability from a standing start with a one off, maximum effort. To measure this, PTS uses a sensor mat and a hand help computer which measures the jump height
Agility: The standard compass run sees an athlete start in the middle and, in turn run to each point of the compass, before running through the finishing gates to record the time taken
Fast Feet: The Ladder Run (Fast feet Test) is designed to measure an athlete’s foot speed, balance and coordination