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Sangram U Singh

Wrestler Sangram U Singh (Sangram Singh) is a real life hero whose journey started from arthritis patient to world level wrestler. He is man of the God.

Sangram Singh was born on 21 July at Madina village in Rohtak district of Haryana. He belongs to a very humble family. His family members include mother, father an elder brother and a sister.

He was born comparatively weaker than other children. He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in his childhood that led to a major health consequences. He spent around 8 years on wheel chair, his hands and legs stopped working.

After facing difficulties like health and financial, he never gave up and overcome all the problems with his will power and positive attitude. His passionate commitment towards his dream made him what he is today.

Sangram Singh is the brand ambassadors for People for Animal (PFA), Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, Wrestling Federation of India (2014-15) and International Human rights Organisation.

Delhi Olympic Association chose him as a brand ambassador in 2015.

Sangram became first wrestler who represented India in ametutre wrestling and become world’s best professional wrestler in 2012.

His soaring fame in the wrestling arena with each passing day did not go unnoticed in the entertainment world. Leading television channels began seeking his presence on the small screen. He participated in several reality shows. Today he is a known face in Film and Television industry.

He is also a real life Motivational Speaker whose inspirational words and talks are eagerly lapped up by youngsters who find in them renewed energy, direction and hope. These qualities make him not just a youth icon but also a well – known personality who has created waves in India and abroad. Now a days he is one of top motivator among top educational institutions and corporate world. He was official motivational speaker for wrestling federation of India for 2014-15.

Sangram Singh is first Indian to sign death contract for Commonwealth Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. According to which, the organisers can't be held responsible for any casualty during the last-man-standing fight. Although he had not participated in a Professional fight for more than three years, the wrestler chose a ‘last man standing’ fight to mark his return and made the country proud by defeating Canada's Joe Legend to win the WWP Commonwealth Championship at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in South Africa on 18th July 2015.

When Discovery Channel and Hrithik Roshan planned to start new show HRX Heroes a showcase stories of real-life heroes. Hrithik showed to world the journey of Sangram Singh from rheumatoid arthritis patient to become a successful world level athlete and true motivator.

Being an animal lover and hard core vegetarian he is advocating cow adoption in India. Sangram has undertaken a campaign to save cows in the country.

A notable wrestler, sportsperson, artist and, above all, excellent human being,Sangram Singh works for the uplift of the poor and helpless people who have no one to turn to and is associated with several organisations that are involved in such social causes. He is hope for millions of young people who have desire to do anything and Sangram is more than happy to help all of them. Sangram Singh keeps supporting young people of India struggling with studies and sports. His motto is “Everything is Possible…nothing is impossible in Life.”His biggest aim is to spread the message of a natural healthy life among the youth in good health, sports and education.