Super Sports 

Super Sports


A new initiative of Super Sports, is an online information and interactive service focussed on the Business of Sports. It is an essential resource for anyone in the business of sports. Striving to be at the forefront of sports market news, data, analysis and insights from the Industry, its user base has been growing very fast since its launch; making it Asia’s most widely read online Sports Business resource.

The website strives to provide news, major developments and happenings in the world of sports business which includes sponsorship deals, revenue generation, salaries, insights, research-based reports, quirky cartoons and Industry Speaks, among other things.

Globally, the portal’s reach has crossed more than 5.4 million since it was launched in May, 2016. While they led the Indian market ever-since the launch, it recently became the biggest platform of its kind in Asia. The content which is informative, well-researched and quirky to a great degree, has caught the attention of Sports and Media Business professionals from across the world.

To exclusively categorize the website's audience, it would primarily include Sports Business entrepreneurs, Sports leagues, opinion makers, public sector companies, the media and varied professionals from the world of sports. The website serves them with Global News and Insights.


India Market is a Key Focus of Market4Sports

Sports is almost a Billion Dollar Industry in India and is one of the fastest growing sectors. It is true that in the Western World’s professional sports leagues, with its derivative businesses such as Merchandise, apparel and media conglomerates, have become a multi-billion dollar industries. Since last few years, India seems to be following the Western world in the business of sports. But unlike the West, what has been missing here is an organised eco-system for the Sports Industry. Also, globalization is inevitable, and that creates opportunities as well as challenges. Thus we needed to connect, inform and support the Sports Professionals and Businesses. Market4sports is a unique initiative to develop and promote an interactive platform for all stakeholders of Sports Industry in India. 

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